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I tried this 3 times now and it works, but there’s always one major problem:

The whole system becomes excessively slow and then unresponsive to anything, no matter what you type, it doesn’t execute giving an error. After rebooting, nothing loads, just error messages.

Another “problem” is the text before and after the video, the “quiet” command doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is this normal, am I the only one getting this?

Thanks for the post though, it made things a lot clearer.

The asplashscreen file has this in it:

do_start () {

    line=$(head -n 1 /etc/splashscreen.list)
    isMovie=$(echo $line | grep -o "*.mpg")
    if [ -z "$isMovie" ]; then
      /usr/bin/fbi -T 1 -noverbose -a -l /etc/splashscreen.list &
      mplayer $line &
    exit 0

I’m trying to understand it still, but I see “isMovie” in there and .mpg, a video format. All things considered, I think I’ll convert my MP4 into an MPG format and replace the splash screen with it, see where that goes.

Thanks for the contribution, it looked great when I booted it! I hope this works. :)