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Here are some updates on this

Retropie has 2 versions of gngeo (neogeo emulator).

Disregard the older version (0.7), its too old and buggy.

When using roms for the gngeo-pi-0-85 you need 3 steps.

1 – You must put the bios files (extracted) in the rom folder and in the neogeobios folder (/home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/gngeo-pi-0.85/neogeobios/). You can find bios files (neogeo.zip and unibios.zip) in google.

2 – You also need gngeo_data.zip file in the installdir/share/gngeo folder. Search google also for this file. The files inside this zip are .drv. You can only play roms that have the same name as these .drv files, e.g. mslug2.zip (rom) and mslug2.drv (data). If the names of these files dont match the game will crash.

3 – Also make sure the /home/pi/.gngeo/gngeorc file exists (this is the file you edit for configurations, joypad etc)

I have alot of roms running from this link: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6463920/FB_Alpha_v0.2.97.08_Neo_Geo_ROM_Collection_(NeoGeo_ROMs)_by_Lovo

Best of luck