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Hi! You need to edit gamelist.xml, it’s easy, don’t be afraid. First of all make a backup and take a look at the structure, all games info start with <game> and end with </game>, it’s easy to follow. You can search any game by rom name or by long name… Now you can:

-Delete a game: You need to delete all text from <game> to </game> (both lines included) of desired game. This only deletes the info of the game, the rom and the picture will be safe. For deleting files use filezilla or other FTP server.

-Edit existing game: You can edit everything, name, description, image… be careful with path, it’s where the rom is located. This is very useful for organizing, I have all pics in other directory, with search and replace you can replace all pics path faster.

-Add new game: Copy entire structure of another game and edit everything, including path and image path.