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I am using emulationstation 2.3 with berryboot. Thereare two problems.

A) Whenever I change the password with “sudo passwd”, this setting is gone on the next reboot. It goes back to “raspberry”. Other changes to the system seem to be persistent though.

B) I also have Retropie 1.10 installed (which in contrast to 2.3 runs rather flawlessly) and want to share the roms with the 2.3 system.
When I use a symbolic link, this works perfectly until reboot.

ln -s /media/usb0/data/retropie_110/home/pi/Retropie/roms /home/pi/Retropie/

After a reboot the link is gone and instead I always find a roms folder with all the subfolders for the different systems. They are all empty though. Admittedly, the link connects two different filesystems (ex4 and squashfs), but as far as I know this should not be a problem.