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Ok, so I managed to get to es_systems.cfg and found out that you really cant straight away switch to a folder within a folder.. I don’t know but cd /folder1/folder2/targetfolder does not work for me.. I had to cd /folder1 then cd /folder2 etc…

Anyway, I edited es_systems.cfg by using the “sudo nano” command (thanks google) and did these lines exactly as you see here (after installing pisnes though the source script in

<fullname>Super Nintendo</fullname>
<extension>.smc .sfc .fig .swc .SMC .SFC .FIG .SWC</extension>
<command>/opt/retropie/emulators/pisnes/snes9x %ROM%</command>

I started emulationstation after a reboot and there seems to be no change at all with the performance of snes.. Am I supposed to see PISNES anywhere?? or I guess the question is, how do I know that I have changed emulators already?