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Hi guys. I’m also trying to get Mario Kart 64 to work at full speed for multiplayer games. I have a 40′ FullHD TV as a display, but I don’t mind if I need a lower resolution for the game to work at full speed.

I’d love to play this game in 4 player multiplayer at full speed. However, right now I cant’t get it to workat full speed constantly even with two players. From what I understand, the N64 video emulators use the display’s default resolution to render the game, and I can see that in the game, because everything which is made out of polygons looks pretty crisp.

I tried using all the emulators (RICE dowsn’t work, GlideN64 is slower, glesN64 is the best but still a bit slow), changing to (CEA-1) 640×480 but apart from messing with my aspect ratio (it stretched the game to fit 16:9), the polygons looked just as crisp and the game feels slow in some areas. On the fisrt track, Luigi’s Raceway it’s stuttering ever so slightly everywhere, except in the tunnels. I get a boost in display speed every time I go through them. :)

My question, @dankcushions, is how did you manage to make the game playable at 1080p. Where are the settings that you changed, and what should I change if I value playability instead of resolution?

Thanks in advance.