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Ah yes, thanks for the clarification. In truth I had read this forum post in the meantime:

It says “The OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 1 (internal version 6.95.1) release has been published.”
There is nothing internal about 6.95.1 if you’re giving that to the world.
But code-wise, OS_VERSION is “7.0”, and OPENELEC_VERSION is “6.95.1”, so it’s kinda/sorta valid, although it does make me cringe.
The 6.95.1 tag and 7.0 master branch differ quite a bit, so the non-beta 7.0 might be quite different, depending on what point in time/commit they decide to tag from when they finally release it.

It’s not how conventional RC and Beta release naming works, but hey, who am I to tell the devs ,the people who actually make the product their business.
So sorry for the confusion and hijacking the thread with nonsense, not gonna do it any further, I promise!

Bottomline: Smithers’ releases are top notch, no matter what version of OpenELEC they’re including! :D