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[quote=121907]That almost worked, but when I get to the wizard it does not register the controller button as keyboard key
Try to test on the command line (press F4 and Enter) if the controller indeed behaves like a keyboard. Letters etc. should appear on the command line when you move the stick or press buttons. Return to Emulationstation by typing “emulationstation” on the command line and press Enter.

If you’re absolutely definitely super duper sure the controller/keyboard actually does send output to the Pi then disconnect everything but the Neo Geo controller/keyboard (and a temporary USB controller to navigate through the Wizard). At first it didn’t work for the person either in the other topic because the Pi only reacted to the input of the “real” keyboard that was connected.

If need be: reboot your Pi and make sure NO other keyboard is connected to the Pi.

After setting up the Neo Geo X Arcade joysick make sure no other joysticks, controllers and what have you not are connected to play games.

Good luck :)