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[quote=121780]Been trying to get this to work for about a year and like other have fond it seems to work like a keyboard. But how can we reverse this and actually use it.

Make sure no keyboard is connected to your Pi (other than the X Arcade Stick), connect a controller to navigate through RetroPie’s menus and:

  1. In RetroPie/Emulationstation go to: “RetroPie (the config menu) –> RetroPie setup –> Setup/configuration (to be used post install) –> Configure Retroarch controller –> Configure keyboard for use with RetroArch”.
  2. It should pop up a wizard that asks you to press keys on your keyboard (to use instead of a controller).
  3. Then press keys on your ‘AES stick’.

Now remove the temporary controller and use the X Arcade Stick to play.