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@meneerjansen OOOOK!!! I have connected my raspi only with the NEOGEOstick and… YEEES!!! It is detected as a keyboard, because, Emulestation only detecs my SNES YSB pad, but when I go to Retropie SETUP, I can use the NEOGEOstick for menu navigation.

The problem is that in “Configure keyboard for use with RetroArch” menu, I press buttons, but the configuration is not changing. The joystick is the cursor, first button is “OK”, and the second one is the “CANCEL” in menus…

Now, we have a new beginning… :)

PS: When I execute lsusb with and without the NGstick only one line appears (when stick is connected):

Bus 001 Device 007: ID 1292:4e47 Innomedia

Then, something is detected…lol