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[quote=121498]will need some[/quote]

[quote=121498]Thank you again @meneerjansen

I have installed the Joystick package, but i have the newest version. Then, with th jstest /dev/input/js0 command, I dont see my gamepad (when I connect the SNES USB Pad yes), but I dont have any error only the following message:

jstest: No such file or directory

Then, I think that I will need some driver…
The error message “No such file or directory” means that there is no “js0”, that is: there is no game controller detected. Indeed, this means that you need a driver specific for this controller. It may be already have been developed by the Linux community, it may have been released by the manufacturer of your controller. Which manufacturer is it, which type is it and what’s the support page of the manufacturer? Said Linux driver should be downloadable from there. If it’s not… Well, then I think it is marketed very much towards Windows or special (Windows) software that comes with the hardware.

P.S. From the top post: in Windows, you (only) seem to be able to play games w/ your ‘AES stick’ from your ‘NeoGeo X Gold system’ w/ a piece of software called “Xpadder”. From the Xpadder website: “Xpadder allows you to map keyboard keys and mouse button actions to your game controller buttons”. This means that Windows does NOT recognize this controller as a game device (i.e. not as a joystick or controller) but as a keyboard. That’s a bummer. But, I can play games fairly well in Emulationstation w/ a keyboard. What you have to do to operate Emulationstation (and therefore your Pi) w/ a keyboard is:

  1. In RetroPie/Emulationstation go to: “RetroPie (the config menu) –> RetroPie setup –> Setup/configuration (to be used post install) –> Configure Retroarch controller –> Configure keyboarc for use with RetroArch”.
  2. It should pop up a wizard that asks you to press keys on your keyboard (to use instead of a controller).
  3. Then press keys on your ‘AES stick’. Realize that RetroPie probably “thinks” that your controller actually is a keyboard.

Good luck :)