I tried overclocking to the settings you specified but the pi3 would start and stall at the RetroPie Splash screen (didn’t get to emulation station splash screen). Tried multiple times.

Would you mind uploading your config.txt so I can compare yours and mine – I’m running the latest 3.6 RetroPie image (no berryboot)?

I could have done something wrong. Plus I have no heatsinks or fan…yet…just got my pi3 today – that might be it.

Also, don’t know if you wrote the github article but I don’t see a 640 X 480 16:9 option in Glide and I love me some Killer Instinct.
Thanks for the help

I must say though that the RPI3 is awesome! I used to have issues with all my roms loaded (almost 6000 across 17 emulator sections) and the menu hanging or missing images – or it may have been all the scrapping and game images that were loaded – but that problem is no longer present. I don’t know if it’s the RPI3 or the latest retropie release that I’m running that fixed it – but I’m VERY happy now with my setup even if the wifi wants to constantly drop.

I did up arm_freq to 1100 (the only setting I’ve changed in the config.txt now) and killer instinct on n64 runs much better after one level but then screen remenants and trails are present heavily on battle 2.