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Thanks Floob.

Watched it all but I got no wiser.

I did however notice that when I try to save, for instance my RGUI configs for RGUI, the yellow message says something like:

Failed to save configuration file to “/opt/retropie/configs/psx/.cfg”

What startles me is the “.cfg”… in the end of the string?

In the 3.0 versions when I was successfull saving my configs it always said (like):
“Sucessfully saved configuration file to “/opt/retropie/configs/psx/retroarch.cfg”

… with the “retroarch.cfg” fully written there.

I’ve checked the “emulators.cfg”-file and there’s a path to /xxx/xxx/psx/retroarch.cfg

RetroArch also responds/remembers to that specific/custom tweaked “retroarch.cfg” file after I’ve manually assigned the keys via the Terminal/Putty with nano.

That’s what bothers me… “.cfg”… instead of “retroarch.cfg”, when everything else seems reasonable and in right order.

Do you know why it tries to save a no-name/”blank” “.cfg”-file when I try to save the new settings via RGUI – instead of “retroarch.cfg”?

Many thanks in advance Floob… RGUI is the shit… the terminal can be.. well, tiresome after a while =)

Regards/ Alucard