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tboheeren try ppsspp not lr-ppsspp it’s wee bit faster.

labelwhore yeah i guess it’s subjective, problem is some games seem to start ok but after a while or later in the game’s progress speed crumbles for example with star ocean 2 if you just quickly start everything seems to be running full speed until you can first control your character then you notice the frame drops (a lot) can’t remeber how much but i do remeber the number on the 1st town it was at 12 – 15 fps and i had frameskipt set to 3 and 4 once (which the pi could not held steady) 60/4 = 15 fps 60/3 = 20 fps so 100% at those frameskips so in order i to make it playable i would need to have it set to at least 5 or perhaps 6 to be safe. Which is way to much to my liking frameskip 1 i can live with (constant 30 fps) for 100% speed but even that is not reachable in all games. I do understand though that a lot of it depends on the game and even where you at (progression) in the game.

I might try messing around some more with self building the binaries and trying out perhaps profiling options (if they even work) of gcc / g++ i used those when i ported emulators (not ppsspp but things like sms-sdl gnuboy etc) to the dingoo and canoo in the old days and i do remeber that helped a fair bit 1-3 fps on a system with much lower specs then the pi although i don’t know if it’s actually the cpu or gpu that can’t handle it, my guess is gpu since when i looked at htop not all 4 cores where at 100% actually far from it when running a game