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because i’m not certain it will speed things up and i just had everything said up (sd card is full) on my sd card so not willing to do everything again from scratch although i could probably make a new image from the 32gig sd card and use that image to put on my harddisk. Anothear reason is that i had just copied all my psp iso’s to the disk and applying the disk immage to the harddisk means i’ll have to copy them all over again and it did take up to an hour. So before i go that route i want to be sure it would make a diffrence. I just (still) think the pi3 is not capable of running (all / demaninding) games full speed for psp some will work with frameskip some won’t.

I also noticed using htop that the cpu’s were not fully utilised which makes me believe its the graphics part of the pi that can’t handle it