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yeah i still have to test more but i already noticed once of the hacks (which said speedup) actually decreased performance when i last tested before going to work. Didn’t had time to test other games yet, cause i seem to be having an input problem as well before i left. for some reason one of my button presses on my picade doesn’t register constantly making acceleration in games like ridge racer and toca race driver 2 not work. Don’t know why though but it did work with my joypad hooked up to the pi. I’m not that concerned about it.

1500mhz on a pi 2 isn’t that like a huge overclock ? i have a pi2 as well did not try yet to boot my sd card in the pi2 to see what the diffrence is like.

I might start with a clean config again when i get home and test each setting individually using savestates on for example star ocean 2 in the town after the 1st (little) fight cause that game out of all the ones i tested had the worst performance. Not sure if it’s a good way to go though settings that work for one game might not work for others and certain games have problems with certain hacks like mediëval resurrect with the timing hack as far as i can remember without testing. It locked up on the main menu well just before the main menu appears if i had that enabled. But would need to check again to be sure if that was actually the setting. It was one of the 1st games, besides tekken that i tested.

Also i’m not certain if this could have an impact on performance but i removed the roms/psp folder and made a symblic link for roms/psp to /media/usb0 i’m not certain but i do not think symbolic links could have a performance impact can it ?

i’ll try y’s series as well to see if there’s a diffrence, i noticed ridge racer 2 was running already a lot better then any other game i tried although could not really test due to the input problem and possibly bugs due to hacks / speedups checked (the road / surroundings was all black).

I’ll post again when i tested more games / played more with the settings