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i’ve got a rpi3 and retropie 3.6 and i must say i’m not impressed what so ever with the psp speed. I’m using ppsspp not lr-ppsspp which is supposedly faster. I tried messing with all the settings and hacks but none seem to be good working for me. Some do have possitive impact like of course the multhithreading, some speed hacks (i tried all of them).

Games i tried were tekken 6, medievil resurection, star ocean 2. In star ocean 2 even with 4x frameskip the pi3 still doesn’t manage to run it smoothly and even slows down (you have to play it till the guy gets teleported to another world and rescue’s that girl, so after the 1st fight, it gets worse when you get in the girls home town) when you just start the game it looks good at the beginning but just after the first fight the slowdown begins. none of the above games run full speed with my pi3 and need a high frameskip. Sometimes they start off good but quickly become a slow motion mess.

I even made some ppsspp builds myselve with -mtune=cortex-a53 & mcpu=cortext-a53 flags as well as a few other optimasation flags but i did not see any noticeable diffrence (i do see a diffrence between lr-ppsspp and plain ppsspp lr-ppsspp’s performance is far worse although that was noted in the wiki as well).

Could it be that the overlocked rpi2’s with the settings above are faster than a raspberry pi 3 ? Also when it comes to overclocking a raspberry pi 3 i’m not certain if there’s a lot of margin. When i was buildin ppsspp on the pi 3 itselve using 4 cores (there all 4 almost constantly at 100% my pi3 (internal) temprature sensor showed 82 °C !!! so heatsinks will probably be needed if any overclocking might be done.

I also have not tried overlocking the pi3 but by default, by using the raspberry pi config item it says “this pi can’t be overclocked” not sure about specifing settings config.txt though but i’m not keen on trying that when the pi3 gets that hot on stock settings (under full load for a while)