[quote=119398]No the controller is good it works fine on my Mac and it works fine with PiPlay so can’t see why retropie it fails.
Me neither… Did you connect this controller directly to an USB port of the Pi? Not via an USB-hub? And is the power adapter of your Pi “strong enough”? That is, 5 Volt and at least 2 Ampère? This really puzzels me.

How RetroPie, Emulationstation and Retroarch work to register the controller is vague and still a mystery to me. So I don’t know which of their scripts to use best. But if you escape to the command line of your Pi by pressing F4 on your keyboard and pressing Enter after that you should end up on the command line.

On the command line run (press TAB each time to complete the command):
jstest /dev/input/js0
(you might need to install this command first by running sudo apt-get install joystick.)

That should present you w/ screen full of axes and button status info from your controller (press CTRL + C to exit from it). If the above command leaves you w/ the following error message then Linux (i.e. your Pi itself) does not see a controller:
jstest: No such file or directory
That means that the file /dev/input/js0 does not exist and therefore that the controller was not “seen” by Linux.

Return to Emulationstation by typing emulationstation (again, use TAB to complete the command ) on the command line and press Enter.