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How would I know if I black listed xpad, and while we are at it, what is xpad? :)

I’ll tell you what I’m doing. This is a FRESH install of the latest RetroPie on my Pi 2. I have PS 2 controllers hooked up (as usual) via USB adapter, and they work fine (again as usual). As for the Rockcandy controller, it is brand new.

As for xboxdrv, how do I know if it is finding the controller? Though the controller set up option in EmulationStation? If so, then yes, as I stated above, it detects all buttons like it is fine with it. On Raspian jstest-gtk even shows it as working as it should, but in emulators and in EmulationStation’s menu, the Left Trigger works but not the right. Initially neither button worked, but I configured it a second time and then the left started working, but not the right.