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[quote=118802]Good news I got it going with the build buzz shared on google drive. You can find a first test on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ISHhOsHy64.
Sorry for the bad video quality


You beat me to it, haha. I’m receiving my RPi3 today. Will be able to install and hook it up and capture the signal via my Elgato HD60 when I get home from work (which is over 5 hours or so).

I might make the video anyway, because it’s fun to do but nice to see that it’s working. Can’t wait to try it for myself. I’m starting with a new blank SD, the .img file from the above link and a new rom collection. I did fullsets but I don’t play them all so I will be selective this time.

EDIT: I hope my English is understandable. It’s not my native language, Dutch is actually.