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I plugged in the USB stick to the pie and just entered the scraping menu and none of the additional installed emulators can be selected, so for now I am just scraping amiga roms to get started :(

– it seems scraping does not work for me?

I had to give up on getting roms from USB thumbdrive to the SD card on the raspberry but I succeeded in getting them on the SD card by using a network connection from my PC

but nomatter what – the scraping page just tells me this:

scraping in progress

commodore 64

game 1 of 18309 – 0013.D64



VICE is now shown in the menu, can I go directly to basic in VICE without loading a game?

I have no sound in UAE4ALL or VICE, I tried forcing HDMI sound but it does not work.

Sound works fine when I load up OpenElec on my pi but does not seem to work in raspbian jessie? (I have a pi version 1 model B and a 16 GB SD card)

using a pie for just about anything sure is time consuming and incredibly frustrating and infuriating :(

… and no sound in uae4arm ??