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hi there, you actually need to download berryboot, its a separate thing :)

once you hace berry boot, unzip it to your sd/microsd card, and put the retropie berryoot image on a usb stick, just copy it like it is, don’t expand it or anything

boot your pi, youll be in a windows with a bunch of preselected oses, close the window :P
you are now looking at a window that has a button in the top left that says “load OS” left click and hold on it till the menu pops up, stick your usb stick in and choose “load os from usb stick” viola, retropie 3.5 with berryboot :)

incidentally, you can actually use an external hard drive(or usb stick) with the rpi2 provided you are using at least a 2 amp power supply, and it will auto install retropie to the hard drive/usb

so far, its a bit faster runnin off the ssd I’m using, and of course, I get access to some really ridiculous drive sizes(for like, say, ALL of the dos games :P)