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So I’ve had some limited success, it turns out the device works with RetroArch when I change the configuration to use LinuxRaw (I need to test some other drivers) for the the input driver from the default SDL. The EmulationStation part seems to use SDL for the joypad drivers and I’ve not seen anyway of changing this. So I have to launch games using another controller or a keyboard for now. I’m in the process of setting up each pad for each system config. Nes, SNES, Master System 6 button Sega MegaDrive pads are working so far. The only pad I’m having issue with is the Sega Saturn pad, I need to test in JStest and/ or Windows.

Can EmulationStation be configured to use a different driver than SDL?
Does anyone know of anything like a media remote control that’s actually a bluetooth keyboard? Or can media remotes be use for EmulationStation, it would be cool for hot keys and exit, pause etc.