No I compiled it not by myself – I use the official Retropie-Setupscript.

Why should I use the complete image?! I do not want to use it standalone for games only, I use my Pi as a normal pc, so I need a desktop Raspbian.

Furthermore I do not need all the – for me – useless emus (like Zork, Atari, Apple,…) nor I want to install hundreds of things and remove them afterwards! In view of this I install only parts I need since the possibility of this is part of the official setupscript, so I assume it should work!

Btw, as you can read, I also tried a complete binary install – with the same errormessage – so where is the difference?! IF there is a difference to the complete image, its definately a fault by the distributor/ bug/ whatsoever, which needs to be fixed.