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Few days ago, I tested RecalBox. Recalbox also uses Emulationstation and there was an easy function to select the order of the Controllers. It was all in the GUI, I could select which controller is player1, player2 and so on. Isn’t there a way to implement that in Retropie?
In my scenario I installed my Pi in an old SNES Case and I connected the original SNES Controller ports via Controlblock. The only problem is, that these controllers are always shown as connected, even if they aren’t plugged in. I have also 2 PS3 controllers that I want to use for N64 and PSX Games (or even for NES/SNES Games when I’m too lazy to plug the SNES Controllers in), but the SNES Controllers are always Player 1 and 2 and I’m just looking for an easy way to select the priority manually.