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I have had all sorts of problems getting *certain* videos to play. I am on a 3.5 clean install. This fantastic PS1 video worked first time. Now that it’s working, I’m leaving everything alone. Here is what I did using Herb’s wiki:

1) Create *folders* in /home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens

I created 3 folders called PSVideo, InvaderGraphic and MusicVid for the 3 alternatives I have which is a space invader static graphic splash screen and two videos – the amazing PS1 above and a musical one that I found and encoded to MP4 with handbrake.

2) Go to RetroPie setup from Emulationstation and choose configure splash screen

3) Now on a clean install, I chose Enable custom splashscreen on boot.

4) Now choose own splashscreen (option 2)

At this point all of your created folders will appear and you can choose which you want.

The issue that I seem to have is that I cannot work out why some videos will not play even though I have encoded them in every possible combination to MP4 according to the guide. Also, if one doesn’t play then I seem to have an issue where none of the previous working ones will then play. To fix this, you can go to a graphic splash then revert to video and it seems to correct itself. Strangely, when a video doesn’t play, there is a countdown in the boot text as though something is playing / running somewhere.