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if memory serves lr-mupen64plus was originally the default, until it was discovered that the non-libretro version ran everything a lot better, than that became the default, so you have to go out of your way to use the lr-mupen64plus in the latest versions, no?

[quote=116676]3. Emulators like lr-n64 still exist in the project because some games (Only a VERY select few, but some) actually run better on it! [/quote]i’m not sure this can be true? it’s a fork so it will only ever have less changes. i think if it runs better it’ll be because it default runs at 640×480 whereas mupen64plus vanilla runs at 1080 (i think). under the same settings they would hypothetically run equally, but don’t because the lr fork is missing fixes.

interestingly, the lr-mupen64plus fork has seen a load of updates recently. it seems to have glide and gles2n64 now. might be worth revisiting! i would sooner use it as it is easier/more consistent to configure retroarch emus, if it only wasn’t previously so shoddy…