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[quote=116584]Thanks for this amazing build! It was easy to load and I was playing game in no time!

One small problem for me (and it is due to my ignorance).. I have been unable to SSH into this build but I was able to SSH into the standard RetroPie. I used the “Show IP Address” in the settings menu (which is slick) and typed sudo ifconfig on the command line but neither option produces an IP address. What am I missing?

Thanks again for the great work!


Not sure what exactly you are trying to get but for me the ip address is always the same on all parts of the build, retropie/kodi etc so I just see what the ip address is in kodi and same IP address works for the other sections as well. Also to access the settings for each section you have to be log on to it because its separate eg. to get access to kodi you have to be log on to kodi etc.

Hope that helps