Hey, this threads a godsend! Firstly I’d just like to say thanks, I’ve managed to get my Pi to see the Xin-Mo as 2 devices which is good. I have a question. I would “normally” just read forums and watch videos but my lads birthday is Friday and I’m getting desperate to finish his present lol. He’s 4 and I cant let him down!

So the Pi is seeing the device as 2 controllers. And when I use Mame Configure Inputs Option (Start Button) to configure the devices buttons it is now assigning them correctly with no cross over issues with the joysticks. (Player 2 joystick replicated player ones but reversed for some reason)
Once I enter a ROM the controls no longer do anything. If I back out to the Rom Selection they work again.
I realise you guys have seen this over and over and are probably bored of it lol but as a real “noob” any response will have to be in pure Lamens terms. I’m not familiar with any Linux commands so even opening the es_input.cfg I have no idea how to do.

And just because this website has helped me a lot already when I manage to get this working I will be Donating £10 to the person responsible for pulling me out of a hole!

Thank You in Advance!