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Hi. Sorry for digging up an old(ish) post, however I have a boot video related question!

I am setting up a fresh install using the latest image – 3.2.1 – and have managed to add my boot video in the normal manner and it works. Happy days! However, the boot process seems to pause to allow the video to play in full, then it goes to a brief terminal screen and then displays the white Emulation Station ‘loading’ screen. It never used to do this in the previous version I had set up (v3). Is there a way I can revert it back to how it was before? The reason being is that my boot video is designed to be a smooth transition into the ES loading screen and this spoils the effect! :(

I have tried lengthening my video but it always allows the video to run its full course before continuing to load ES. I would like it to load in the background whilst my video plays. Hope this makes sense?

Is this possible?