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Auswear, did you find a workaround for losing complete USB detection? I just updated and cannot get past the Welcome Configure controller screen in ES.

Setup that last worked = 3.0 using traditional SNES controllers.

Updated to 3.2.1, and upon startup the ES Configuration of controllers can detect my controllers and/or keyboard, but will not accept any input to start the actual configuration.

I’ve reupped the update setup script, and i’ve updated again from binary to no avail. Last resort after work tonight is to jump into the ES_input.cfg file and see if theres anything wrong there.

I’ve also exited ES and gone back in to see if it was an issue with loading the cfg file when turning on the system.

So turning on the system from scratch detechs gamepads, but won’t bring up their name when i hold down a button to start config. When i exit ES and re-enter, the name of the controller will come up on first press, but as i hold the button the config program won’t start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,