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I attached 2 snapshots to give an idea of what you can do with Attract-Mode on the Pi, everything is animated, works smoothly and is in 1920×1080.
This is the only layout I created yet, since I’m not working on this part for the moment, I did this layout just to see how far I could push the Pi2 with Attract-Mode then planning with my results (for what I have left to do). My conclusion is that you can really do lot of things! I have to mention the code for the wheel system comes from an existing layout, I modified it though, for all the other animations (that you can’t see on the snapshots), I did my own system to keep the layout perfectly smooth, because for some reasons the available animation modules, kill the real time.
I’ll do a video soon.

[attachment file=”neogeo_1.png”]

[attachment file=”neogeo_2.png”]