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I ve tested your image and overall it is quite impressive:)

Here are my thoughts/suggestions though:

1) I d suggest to provide a “clean” kodi image (without any extra addons, except for the game-retropie addon of course).
2) In retropie now: i couldnt use uae4arm so i reverted back to uae4all (couldnt start any game although my kickstart bios files where in the right folder)
3) I couldnt use Quake either so i reverted back to quake from binary set up (had a conflict between my keyboard and my xbox 360 controller – i had constant move of the player when controller was on)
4) Just a though: Brutal Doom is fantastic:D Can you install also Blood (it needs prboom libretro i think) and/or dinothwar?

I also cannot find a config.txt, in order to overclock..:(

Overall , your project is awesome!