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[quote=104979]Hello Smithers, is there any way to update only sdcard partition with Retropie? I have installed version OpenELEC (KODI) Dual Boot V1 and I tuned OpenELEC and I would not like him set up your again.[/quote]

Hi. You can do this yes, you would just need to take a backup of your existing KODI setup then restore it within the new build. OR you can do a full .tar.xz backup of your whole KODI ‘Storage’ partition and replace the one that I provided in the ‘os’ folder. You would need to rename it the same as what I have named mine for it to work.


How did you get the transistion of your video to the ES loading screen so smoothly?

I have followed some other sources but i keep getting a flash of text before the ES loading screen comes up.

I had to amend my boot video for the latest RetroPie as it loads the video later in the boot process. I took a 1080p picture of the emulationstation loading screen and loaded it into my video editing software and had the ‘swirling galaxy’ video clip fade into the ES logo screen instead of a blank white screen. It turned out quite well, at least on my TV! I made the video quite long, around 20 seconds I think, so maybe yours needs to be longer? Also note – the ES logo takes priority over the boot video but the sound will still play in the background. You can use this to good effect if you design a video that fades into the ES logo.