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First of all, thanks for your amazing work!

I am a total beginner regarding linux, Pi2 and everything, but I managed to get it working.

However, there are somethings I cant figure out regarding your last image.
– As it boots, I enter the configure controller screen (I have a Logitech Precision Pad). I managed to configure it properly, no hassles. Then the system enters the emulators screen.
– Only 3 emulators appears to me: Amiga, Scumm, Ports and Arcade Classics. Kodi shows up too.
– As soon as I enter a game, or even Kodi, controllers stops working, but I can use the keyboard to play.
– As soon as I exit the game, returning to the Retropie screens, it freezes. Controllers and the Keyboard do not work. I have to disconnect the power source.
– As I boot again, I have to reconfigure controllers all over again and the problem loops.

Any help?