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[quote=103898]I’ve been playing with this setup/configuration for a few days and I wanted to share my experience thus far.

– FIRST: HUGE thanks to smithers for laying out a “packaged” groundwork for this. Not only does it take time to understand how to use NOOBS, creating the images, but the Skinning of both OpenELEC and integration with Retropie is also time consuming. That said, smithers has provided the basis for anyone to take this model and adjust it to their needs.

For example: I’ve created my own images of OpenELEC and Retropie for backup purposes using NOOBS. As smithers mentioned, this is quite powerful because it allows you to restore to essentially any SDCARD (provided it meets the minimum space needed) without running into sizing issues (not all 16GB cards are the same size for example) as you would with a typical block-type backup/restore using Win32Imager. Also this method allows you to easily restore/install to a larger size SDCARD (and potentially a smaller one )


That was my intentions entirely with the usb build yes so I am glad you have jumped onto it! It is really the icing on the cake for me and was worth the many hours of investigating and compiling the build! Hopefully it will inspire others to create other dual or perhaps triple boot custom builds as you have all you need to do it at your fingertips.

Thanks for writing up a guide. I personally do all my work on a dedicated Linux laptop (Linux Mint Cinnamon 64) and would highly recommend others to install it too. It will even set up a dual boot function if you already have windows installed!