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Hi all.

Sorry for delay in replying.

[quote=103802]Hi, i have some questions:

in first thanks a lot for this amazing job

1 – it’s possible install jdownloader under kodi and autostart when kodi running ? ( to download my stuff when i see my movies.


I really have no idea Im afraid. I will say though that anything that works with the regular build of OpenELEC should work in my build – I have made no fundamental changes that would affect normal functionality in either OS.

2 – how can i connected my ps4 dualshock controller for retropie via bluetooth ? i tried without success in retropie forum. I don’t know if someone get it.


I really can’t help here I’m afraid as I don’t have a ps4 controller. Perhaps someone else could chip in if they have had success?

[quote=103802]3 – same issue with controller vie bluetooth in kodi. but here i can see the controller via bluetooth and i can connected the controller ( blue light ), but nothing works, maybe i need to setup something ?

As far as I am aware, OpenELEC does not support navigation via control pad? I briefly investigated this myself and that was the answer I found – I did not pursue any further into it .


I have RPI2 overclocked to medium, but anyway i see that the movies have a little slow framerate sometimes, i don’t know why.

I dont know why either? I generally don’t over clock OpenELEC and it runs great for me. Is it perhaps poor stream sources that you have been watching, or maybe your TV is not syncing with the pi correctly?