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[quote=102043]Wow, thanks for the reply, and you weren’t kidding…the shaders absolutely destroyed the frame rate and didn’t seem to do much as far as improving image quality. I missed the shaders the first time around because I didnt know you have to select them, I was trying to scroll l/r through them heh. So far I’ve heard no distortion with the enable enhanced resolution settings, but I’ll be sure to keep an ear out.

I wonder if any of the shaders actually do improve graphics but not mess up the frame rate; I didn’t get a lot of time to test them. I’ll test out the speed hack as well, but that seemed to make no difference as far as I could tell for the short amount of time I had it enabled.

I also have my TV upscaling the image. I couldnt tell a difference when I had it natively output 1080p vs just having it upscaled, so I dunno. Thanks for the ideas!


Shaders will cause a performance drop on the raspberry pi when running at 1080p. This applies to the pi 2 as well.

The disadvantages of upscaling are that it introduces artifacts into the picture and it will introduce input lag. Ideally, you want no scaling at all for maximum performance and image quality.