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Wow, thanks for the reply, and you weren’t kidding…the shaders absolutely destroyed the frame rate and didn’t seem to do much as far as improving image quality. I missed the shaders the first time around because I didnt know you have to select them, I was trying to scroll l/r through them heh. So far I’ve heard no distortion with the enable enhanced resolution settings, but I’ll be sure to keep an ear out.

I wonder if any of the shaders actually do improve graphics but not mess up the frame rate; I didn’t get a lot of time to test them. I’ll test out the speed hack as well, but that seemed to make no difference as far as I could tell for the short amount of time I had it enabled.

I also have my TV upscaling the image. I couldnt tell a difference when I had it natively output 1080p vs just having it upscaled, so I dunno. Thanks for the ideas!