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The iProduct “value” is: 2 Serial/Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick
the Jstes is almost unreadeble on my Mac, so I also took picture of the screen with the raspberry pi. I’ll upload both. Also when I move the thumbstick all the text and values scroll down the screen – not like the jstest I can do with my SNES USB gamepad.

Also in my last post I wrote: Could it be because the name of the gamepad (TeensyduinoSerial/Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick) includes “/”? I think that Retroarch gets confused, and thinks that the name of my gamepad is a directory. However in the output, when I type lsusb, all “/” are replaced by “+”.
What do you think, could this be the reason why Retrach doesn’t save my gamepad config-file?

Do you have any idea if this could be the case?