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Hey buzz,

thanks for your reply. I have tested your suggestions:

* As I mentioned before, ES is not asking for controller reconfiguration after I press “Restart” inside of ES menu. But it does ask if I choose “Shutdown” and reboot by pulling out the plug and then back in.

* I also tried to press F4 (then a keyboard button to drop to terminal), then unplug and plug controller back in, wait some moments, and reload emulationstation. It still asks for reconfiguration of the “Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2” :(

* Then I tried to use a wired controller. With a wired controller everything works well. It only asks for configuration once and even after a power reset it keeps the configuration.

* I am not sure, but I seem to remember that had no such problems with the Beta 1.

Hopefully we will find a solution. It is really annoying and I am not the only one with this problem with F710,