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[quote=100860]Hmm ok i have just tried this method and it seem to be cutting a fair amount from the top and bottom of the display, for this i have been using Genesis-Plus-GX core. This is whats ive done….

1. I have downloaded both your scanline overlays and made cfg files for both and placed them in the overlay folder

2. Set the render res for the lr-genesis-plus-gx core to 1280×960

3. Loaded Alien Storm and once loaded enabled integer scaling

4. selected your scanline1920x1080-5x overlay

5. go into options>video options>custom raito and set it to 4×5 (1280×1120)

but when playing Alien Storm the bottom energy bar to completely cut off the screen!, i have tried the overscan setting but that doesn’t appear to change anything. Have i done anything wrong or is this just a problem we have to live with?, if so the crt-hyllian shader and integer scaling option is the way to go as at least with that no vital section of the game screen is cut off!?


Please read through the information I’ve provided in “how to get perfect video scaling.”

You should not set the render resolution as you have done. It should be set to “use video output” or left blank.

Yes, some of the picture will be cropped at 5x scale, but what is cropped corresponds exactly to the overscan area on an NTSC CRT TV. It is very rare for important graphics to be placed in the overscan area; game developers intentionally avoided this.