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I found the overlays just made the whole picture too dark once applied.

Which of patrickm’s overlays do you recommended?

On another note if you set a vertical res of 728 then it seems to remove the scanline artifacts but you lose 4 rows of pixels top and bottom, so slight overscan.

EDIT: I have just re-read patrickm’s first post and noticed this paragraph….

“To get perfect scaling (and perfect scanlines), turn integer scale ON (video settings), and set a custom aspect ratio by going to options -> video options -> custom ratio. You may need to turn crop overscan ON or OFF depending on the core being used; crop overscan behaves differently for each core.”

So even with patrickm’s scanline overlay method he still recommends integer scaling to be enabled?? If so i might as well just keep using crt-hyllian shader, as with that at 720p and integer scaling you get NO artifacts and the scanlines are perfect!!. The only reason i was asking at this shader at 720p was i would prefer not to have integer scaling enable as the display screen is then smaller.

So in video settings make sure…

Use Fullscreen Mode………ON
Windowed Fullscreen Mode….OFF
Aspect Ratio…………….Core Provided
Integer Scaling………….ON
Bilinear filtering……….OFF

in Options>Shader….

Select CRT>crt-hyllian-glow>crt-hyllian.glsl

leave settings as ‘Dont Care’ and the select apply. You get 100% performance with even scanlines and a great authentic CRT look