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Yep – run “scraper –help” for all the flags.

pi@retropie ~ $ scraper –help

Usage of scraper:
  -add_not_found=false: If true, add roms that are not found as an empty gamelist entry.
  -append=false: If the gamelist file already exist skip files that are already listed and only append new files.
  -download_images=true: If false, don't download any images, instead see if the expected file is stored locally already.
  -gdb_img="b": Comma seperated order to prefer images, s=snapshot, b=boxart, f=fanart, a=banner, l=logo.
  -hash_file="": The file containing hash information.
  -image_dir="images": The directory to place downloaded images to locally.
  -image_path="images": The path to use for images in gamelist.xml.
  -image_suffix="-image": The suffix added after rom name when creating image files.
  -img_format="jpg": jpg or png, the format to write the images.
  -mame=false: If true we want to run in MAME mode.
  -mame_img="s,t,m,c": Comma seperated order to prefer images, s=snap, t=title, m=marquee, c=cabniet.
  -max_width=400: The max width of images. Larger images will be resized.
  -nested_img_dir=false: Use a nested img directory structure that matches rom structure.
  -no_thumb=false: Don't add thumbnails to the gamelist.
  -output_file="gamelist.xml": The XML file to output to.
  -retries=2: The number of times to retry a rom on an error.
  -rom_dir=".": The directory containing the roms file to process.
  -rom_path=".": The path to use for roms in gamelist.xml.
  -scrape_all=false: If true, scrape all systems listed in es_systems.cfg. All dir/path flags will be ignored.
  -skip_check=false: Skip the check if thegamesdb.net is up.
  -start_pprof=false: If true, start the pprof service used to profile the application.
  -strip_unicode=true: If true, remove all non-ascii characters.
  -thumb_only=false: Download the thumbnail for both the image and thumb (faster).
  -thumb_suffix="-thumb": The suffix added after rom name when creating thumb files.
  -use_cache=false: Use sselph backup of thegamesdb.
  -use_filename=false: If true, use the filename minus the extension as the game title in xml.
  -use_gdb=true: Use the hash.csv and theGamesDB metadata.
  -use_nointro_name=true: Use the name in the No-Intro DB instead of the one in the GDB.
  -use_ovgdb=false: Use the OpenVGDB if the hash isn't in hash.csv.
  -workers=1: The number of worker threads used to process roms.