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Well crt-hyllian and crt-caligari shaders seem to be the best crt scanline shaders that run full speed without hitching BUT you have to set the RetroArch render resolution to 720p, setting it to 1080p has an impact and the fps drop. As setting it to 720p both crt-hyllian and crt-caligari have ever so slight scanline uneven artifacts, enabling integer scaling removes these artifacts but obviously your getting a smaller display area, i know crt-hyllian and crt-caligari were 2 shaders that didn’t need integer scaling enabled to get even scanlines at 1080p+ resolutions.

Is there a way to have crt-hyllian and crt-caligari shaders for 720p with even scanlines and integer scaling disabled, or a way to compile these shaders for 720p?