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Only the audio lags noticeably in MAME. If it was video too, the games would be unplayable. I’m running the Raspberry Pi 2 @1.0Ghz basic overclock setting.

It can get rather annoying to say see my ship blow up and then hear the explosion effect. Same with bullets, running or jumping in Donkey Kong, eating ghosts/fruit as Pacman, etc. Do pretty much action with an associated sound effect, and there’s a noticable delay between the the video and audio.

The console emulators do have global settings to adjust the audio latency. I whittled it down from the default 64ms to 40ms without issue. 36ms makes the games stutter. MAME needs it’s own configuration separate from Emulatrion Station and I don’t see any setting to adjust the audio latency which is noticeably huge (0.5-1 seconds) and affects all games. Somebody also suggested to change the sample rate to 44100Hz. I don’t know where this setting is located or which file to edit.

I should probably start a new thread for the audio latency issues… :p