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    Hello everyone, my name is Emilio from Italy and I’m totally new to this blog, and to the world of the raspberry pie. I am addicted to the NES since I was a kid and now that i discovered the pi I am going to build a “NESπ”. This are the characteristics of my project:

    -NES case
    -using the original NES ports for playin the nes
    -using 2 SNES ports (mounted on the back) for SNES games (or other 6 buttons games)
    -usb ports for other type of controllers (basically for psx controllers)
    -av rca out for playin retro style on my old crt tv
    -hdmi out
    -both rca stereo and 3,5mm jack outputs for the audio
    -and if it’s possible i’d like to add a vga out for pc monitors

    UPDATE: this will be the logo for the nes cartridge door!

    The only things i’ve got now are my original systems and controllers and I have to buy all the necessary to make the system. I read some tutorials and i am not very noob with linux but i need some advices to start this epic quest.

    My first questions are:
    -can i plug both NES and SNES ports to the RetroPie GPIO (4 ports in total)?
    -what is the quality of retrogames played on the CRT? (cause i usually play with my laptop plugged throug s-video to the CRT and the quality is worse than the original systems
    -can i find a hdmi 10cm long or i have to cut a longer one?
    -i’d like to use the reset button for the reset function in the emulators?

    So those are my initial questions.. I’d like to thank everybody who wants to help me to build the most amazing NESπ machine ever. I will add photos and schemes of my build as i start to work. THANKS A LOT!

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    I kept mine simple and used tomee USB adapters mounted inside the case for my both SNES and nes raspberry pis. It was easier but cost 10 bucks per adapter than the gpio method. In case it turns out you can’t use all four controllers directly into the pi that’s an option.

    Being in the US I am not sure how long 10cm is, but I have HDMI port savers that are a few inches but a little stiff in all of my pi builds.

    Never tried a CRT TV but I plan on trying to grab one that someone is throwing out.

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    10CM is 3.9 inches and it’s perfect so thx alot!

    i don’t want to use all four pads together. but i actually have adapters. I have 2 retro-bit (NES) adapters and 1 SNES adapter with 2 ports (it works?) so if it’s simplier i will go for that solution

    Ah, I forgot a question: How to make the Power button (pushed down to on and release to off) with the LED. and it’s ok to shut down the system like that or should i shut down like a normal pc?

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