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i also tried several games, and im wondering why F-Zero is marked good in the sheet.
I bought my Raspi because of this game (since used SNES cost nearly the same like Raspi) and it was the first one that i tried to get running.
The graphics is perfect, steering works fine with USB-SNES-like gamepad, but i think theres something wrong with the gamespeed, the game runs 10-20% faster than original.
I checked the time and during a race and when the gametimer says 1minute, its only about 50seconds in real time.
the game also feels much faster and the sound quality is great but its rythm is faster too.

Im absolutely new to the Raspi, Linux and Retropie, would be nice if you could give me some advices how to improve it.

I could take the faster gamespeed as a competition, but its more about the original gamefeeling :-)

I tried my memory split at home from 64 till 192, ill try 256 as shown in the sheet, but i dont expect too much of this.

Where can i setup other things that could affect the gamespeed?