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This is my first post, so first thank you for your great project!

But i have some problems:

Me only nes, snes and psx works.

I would like to get the mame or neogeo (for cadilacs and dinosaurs) and scummvm (for monkey island) to work.

Whats the difference between mame and neogeo?

I emulatorstation only read exe for scummvm but the only monkey island versions i found are zip file that contains no exe.

I hope someone can help me, and sorry for my bad english.

Currently, ScummVM does not directly start a game, but only the ScummVM Launcher. I just tested it: You can add a file “Start.exe” with the command

touch ~/RetroPie/roms/scummvm/Start.exe

and (re-)start Emulation Station. Now, the ScummVM Launcher appears in Emulation Station and can be started. You add each game for ScummVM directly from the ScummVM Launcher. To make sure you have all files needed for a game, you can check the site at

In order to play NeoGeo ROMs, you need to copy a BIOS file into


Until now I got MetalSlug 1 and Metal Slug 3 to run, but I did not try out many games. There are different MAME emulators that can be installed with the RetroPie Script. Each MAME emulator is configured as an individual system: iMAME4All shows up as “Mame” in Emulation Station, GnGeo as “NeoGeo”, and Final Burn Alpha as “Final Burn Alpha”. They are all MAME emulators (if I am not mixing things up right now) and you have to try out which emulator does its jobs best for your ROMs.

I hope that help!?