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Ok so I tried 2.2 today for the first time…I like a lot of the improvements, but a couple things bugged me.
1.) I had no menu sounds whatsoever…is this normal?
2.) When scrolling games, there’s no “jump to a letter” anymore, just page up/down. Wtf?
3.) I spent a lot of time making my own themes, but since the new themes folder is located in etc/, I have to go back thru all my xml’s to change the paths manually. Also the art folders changed from gb_art to just art (gameboy as an example), so now I have to change those paths as well. Why did these paths all have to be changed? It makes it a lot more complicated when transferring from 1.9.1!
So I have a question: where do I find the new emulator menu so I can copy that over to my old version? I love 2.2, but I’m not so sure it’s worth all the hassle.

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